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Kasih: 11 years old Stateless Child

Tiny Kasih who is genuine and lyrical, with a joyful smile!

Hi, my name is Kasih, I am 11 years old. I live at Bandar Ramai-Ramai with my family. I am the eldest child among my siblings, there are three of us. How do I get into Cahaya Learning Centre (CLC)? When CLC was first opened back in 2019, my mom asked me, "would you like to go to school?", I said yes. Presently, it has been 5 years since the first time I study there and it is my fifth year being here. Everything is wonderful at CLC. Before heading back home, my friends and I sing a song called Setia Bersama together before going back home. Sometimes, we also have a sleepover together.

We also get to learn theatre there, whenever there are any special occasions, we get the chance to perform in front of the public. Some of us (students) are brilliant at reciting poem as well. Sometimes the teacher writes the poetry, and we read it. We will occasionally connect theatre and poetry. We also studied about well-known individuals such as Malala Yousafzai and RA. Kartini. During study breaks, we also play ping pong. We also learn to dance and the Bajau language.

And while at home, I like to take my sisters near the bridge to enjoy the strong wind and watch people with their boats. Since my mother is working, I will look after my younger sister throughout school breaks. After that, I occasionally clean the house and go out with friends to buy drinks or mangoes, then we enjoy eating it together.

Hai, namaku Kasih, umurku 11 tahun. Aku tinggal di Bandar Ramai-Ramai. Aku tinggal bersama keluarga. Kami ada adik-beradik 3 orang dan aku paling kakak. Macam mana aku masuk di CLC? Sebab masa CLC buka, mamaku tanya aku "kakak kau mahu sekolah?" aku bilang (1) ya. Jadi 2019 aku pun masuk di CLC dan sekarang aku di CLC sudah 5 tahun. Di CLC semuanya bagus. Kalau sudah masa pulang, kami akan menyanyi lagu tajuknya adalah Setia Bersama. Kadang-kadang kami tidur di sekolah juga bersama sama.

Kadang-kadang kami belajar teater. Kalau ada acara atau pertandingan kami akan persembahkanlah. Habis tu kami pun ada yang pandai puisi. Kadang-kadang Cikgu yang buat puisi dan kami yang baca. Kadang-kadang kami akan gabung teater dan puisi. Kami pun ada belajar pasal tokoh, contohnya Malala Yousafzai dan RA. Kartini. Selain itu, kami kadang-kadang bermain ping pong kalau rehat belajar. Kami juga ada belajar menari dan belajar Bahasa Bajau.

Dan kalau aku di rumah, aku kadang-kadang bawa adik-adik ku ke hujung jambatan dan menikmati angin yang kuat dan menengok (2) orang bermain bot. Kalau aku cuti sekolah aku akan jaga adikku sebab mamaku kerja. Selepas itu, aku kadang-kadang kemas rumah dan jalan-jalan bersama kawan-kawan ke Kg. Leila membeli air atau mangga.


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