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Community Education Project

Since 2019, the Cahaya Learning Centre (CLC) is developed to became a safe-space for the children for the purpose of alternative education programmes involving the dropout and underprivileged children. Presently, community education project developed includes the Cahaya Skill Centre (CSC) and the Module & Training project.

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Prihatin Cahaya

Cahaya Society believes that every community deserves an equitable opportunity, which is why it supports social, physical, and economic programs, as reflected in the organization's core value of increasing accessibility to vulnerable communities as in distribution programs like #PrihatinCahaya and #PrihatinPendidikan.

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Garaj Cahaya

Garaj Cahaya is community and organizational economic development programs through the creation of products collectively between organization and community. It also becoming skill-learning for the children. The economic activities developed includes Cahaya Cetak, a production of product such as shirts, totebags and button badges by using the silkscreen method.

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Pusat Kajian Cahaya

Kajian Komuniti (Community Research) is the most important advocacy tool for developing a community database, which includes mapping and data collection of community environmental issues such as socioeconomics, potential, safety, physical and mental healt

Advocacy. Community. Solidarity.

Mid-Day (Update) Bernama TV

Highlights related to the Prihatin Cahaya humanitarian initiative that is being mobilized throughout the PKPB period in all districts in Sabah.

Consider This: Sabah | Stateless Children Deserve Education Too

Interview with Astro Awani about alternative education initiatives for the stateless in Sabah.

Ground Up: Creating Social Impact in Sabah

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